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She also likes butt pets.

Go ahead and try it!

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What about the Youkai from the outside world? Surely there was have been some interaction between the two groups.

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Long walks and hikes, shorelines, cloudy nights, and rare-cooked steaks.

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You're gonna think I'm joking but I'm not: My family is getting an exchange student from japan. She's rich, from Okinawa, and in the swimming club, plus the brass music club too. In her application she talks about helping her mom make food every day and taking care of her little sister.

It almost seems fake.

This is for my high school aged sister, I'm only gonna see her for like a week.

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I wanna domesticate a wolf.

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Awoo'a whole night! Awoo'a whole day!
Awoo'a the whole night till you notice me!
Awoo! Awoo-Awoo-Awoo~!

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