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Lamy doko?

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They call me the enlightened

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Debut doesn't mean she will be fixed like that.
Many holos change their personality later.

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why don't you find out

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this is bullshit, 1v1 me in Diablo if you're so tough

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Sure, why not?

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Ramy... Oyu dont go...

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EN 1, maybe gura or ame. they seem like the ones I'd want to talk to the most. ame and I might not get along very well based on what I interpret her world view to be though. Sometimes I feel like they're too worried about shit only antis give a fuck about. Gura would definitely be the more fun of the two and out of all the ENs, probably the one I'd get along with the best and have the best shot at being friends with.
if it was just 24 hours that I get to fuck, mori for sure since she has the best roommate out of the 5.
EN 2 is a lot tougher for me to decide since they're still all in new chuuba mode. I want to say fauna since I enjoy her the most so far. her personality also seems like it would be the easiest to bounce off of with conversation topics. kronii and the aussies would probably be somewhat entertaining but the clock seems like one of those people who has a hard time being genuine about shit so that would frustrate me. sana and the rrat both seem normal enough to pass the time with via conversation.
if it was just fucking, definitely faunas roommate since she's imagine tier. Irys would likely be better than any of the EN2s except fauna who she would tie with since somehow she feels kind of intelligent/normal despite being such a tard at times. I'm not sure I'd have a lot to talk about with anyone in EN2 or irys though.

overall (1 and 2), if I wanted to have slightly more serious conversation, ame. if I wanted to try and make friends and/or have a fun conversation gura. I think gura BARELY edges out ame if I had to narrow it to one.

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do NOT reply to spam/bait
"but muh PASS!!!" is spam/bait
you fell for the spam/bait
you will now picrel

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would you behave like Lamy given the chance to interact with Shishiron?

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