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Kinkoi FD was, as expected, something that didn't need to exist. Actually, it probably shouldn't exist.

The good:
There is a good amount of stuff that's very similar to the later parts of the original's common route and beginning of routes. The game's strength was never the romance, so it's appreciated. You get nicely back into the group of characters and setting, and it's definitely fun. Perhaps not a lot of substance, but that's okay.

The bad:
-The game starts with a 3+ hour "prologue" which is essentially a huge recap. At first it's fast and looks like it's over soon enough, but then it starts to slow down. Mostly because the scenes aren't really just copy and paste, but essentially still not really that different.
-While Mina's route was mostly okay, just unimpressive, Ayaka doesn't really work as a heroine in my opinion. She's all about silly anal jokes, being not super likable and so on, and not romance. As such, her route failed towards the second half. Before that is was fun though. Her omake was a fun idea, but unfortunately it ended up in a "gotta please everyone" way... which obviously implies nobody will really like this.
-After-stories are REALLY short. Not much of a problem though given how they are mostly not very interesting. But perhaps making them longer and interesting would've been more fitting for a FD.
-The final story is ass, on top of being fucking lazy. Why the fuck didn't they give Ria another set of sprites? The one that's largely used doesn't fit at all. She has to literally run around in her fucking dress for official concerts and the likes ALL THE FUCKING TIME. This was way too "we've been here before", too, kinda rubbing it in how much this was never needed.
-There's problems with art and voices in general. Something went wrong. Artist changes? Crappy recording quality of the voices? I don't know.

You can have some fun with this, but it's made harder than it needed to be.

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