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Should've had Ruri kick the ball

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Only the first poll was biased, since it was just for the trial which does heavily favor Kanon, Ushio and Shizuka. But poll #2 was about the complete game and Sasa and Raiha still performed quite badly.

Golden Hour was alright, I mostly played it myself for the H art, both the odd PoV and the realistic lighting made it stand out imo.

However, the writers make you feel like shit every time you pick a side girl's route, and they really hammer this in for the earlier routes (Ruri gets it the worst). I personally wasn't very fond of the main heroine Yuki, and honestly I preferred some of the side heroines over her, particularly the aforementioned Ruri route and the one-off side chara Risa had tons of untapped potential. Also I really disliked how the game played out in various ways, especially how Ruri's route (minus her H) is basically integrated into the common route - it felt like she was added as a heroine later on.

All in all it wasn't very enjoyable apart from the art. If all you want is plot and don't care about any of the heroines you can easily do Natsumi + Yuki's route and call it a day.

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