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okay, so if im reading this correctly it looks like you need at least palamlv 4 to have any reasonable contribution to ability levels, especially later on. i figured it had something to do with it but i wasnt sure if there was a static number gained per each level or if there a more complex equation to how much you got. big thanks for this little write up.

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There isn't a single character in all of Touhou that I don't like, I adore them all
So, I challenge all of you to change my mind; give me a valid reason to legitimately dislike a Touhou
Show me the worst of the worst

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I need so many low level mats and scrolls that I never farmed from the early stages I realized I should use the Lotto and aim for the boxes with the scrolls I need

I feel like a fucking retard for wondering why I was never getting any more Dragon Scrolls and only just now realized well of course I don't, I never farm the low level stages or the bronze dailies because I didn't realize they were unique mats

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I get it

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>I don't get it.

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are there niggers in gensokyo

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What does Chen get?

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I fucking love Cheng. best 2hu for life, all years.

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