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What else am I supposed to do? I guess I could make fun of how hairy she is.

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Hairy awoo needs to shave all her hairy hair so she doesn't make such a hairy mess.

Says who?! All this hair is such a bother.

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Quit worrying about your hair Kagerooo, you can't awoo at the moon if your busy brushing your hair all the time.

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And tell her, her hair looks great and not to fuss over it!

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Don't say that! Shes self conscious enough as it is!

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A werewolf maid sounds like a terrible idea. She'd just moult and leave fur everywhere.

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I can see why you might not like it.
If you prefer skin, then even fine fluffy fur would seem bothersome and disconnecting on your waifu's limbs.
If you imagine the hair to be coarse or unkempt like an animal, heavy with oils and scents, then I could see why it would be unappealing.
Likewise I can totally see why Big Meaty Paws would turn you off. They're not as dextrous as fine lady fingers, and maybe the aesthetics look doofy or simply nonsexual to you. Plus the claws might be a turn-off.
Maybe you think the upkeep would be a pain. Shed hair everywhere. In your food, on your upholstery, in your bedding. She'd probably have to shampoo it, which would consume more time and resources.
Maybe you just passionately hate body hair.
The position is understandable.

However, I do not share it.
I think big squishy pawpads that you can massage into your waifu ahegaoing in her chair to be moe.
I find the potential for clumsiness to be moe.
I for the find potential for their skillful use of paws in contrary to that clumsiness to be hot.
Having been raised with dogs, I think fur is pretty comfortable, and that's with rough messes that rolled in dirt all day. The potential for a waifu to have fine, soft body hair that she puts effort into maintaining promises the joy of rolling around naked in a fur coat (try it some time)
And most importantly, it's a simple charm point for beast girls. Moderate amounts of fluff and fur are what keep them out of both the cosplay and furry tiers. The limbs are a good place to put some. It's like having natural stockings and elbow gloves.
I wouldn't mind some belly fluff, downy pubic/underarm hair, or even something like a ruff of fur near the top of the chest or neck.
It just gives you another tactile point to snuggle against and rub your face on... which she's all too happy about as it helps mark you with her scent to ward off cuck MGs

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Please do not bully Kagerou-chan.

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