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Look at the joy and excitement they had after finally getting to start their journey as a student and idol of SG, little did they know they'd be the last transfer-ins and never get to graduate the 3rd and final semester.

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Anon, I'm going to need you to take a seat. This is all Japanese women, this is how Japan works. They'd rather live their lives single as childless virgins and die alone than ever consider dating a "Freeter". This isn't a meme, this is a real.

Only time they'd consider anything less is when they turn single mothers and NEED some one to help them out financially. But you don't want to be that guy, they will hate you and despise that you're a "failure" they have to rely on and let you know every waking minute of your existence until you die. This in turn is the major reason for "herbivore" and hikikomori men.

Don't take the redpill and go down this rabbit hole anon, Japan is a bleak hell hole of an existence and if you live in the west rest assure you have it a lot better in every way. Just enjoy anime, video games, idols, Pocky and leave it at that.

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