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Wasn't it because Yukari mucked around with the boundaries between life and death? And the reason why Reimu confronts her is to force her to fix the border?
So, in short, Yukari was fooling around again.
You know, one of those "forbidden template" things.

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Yuyuko is a 1st stage boss.
It does not make her weaker.
Get over it.

in b4 Nue is everyone in TD
Kogasa is co-culprit

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>knowing you could never touch her ... or else you'd make her violently ill
Sounds like RL

inage not related

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She has been worm food for longer than most can remember.

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That's a fucking Yukkuri, and it is motherfucking Reimu right there. Nearly every japanese otaku has heard of, or has played, Touhou. This is not a mere reference, it is a blatant way of teasing people to the idea of a Touhou anime.

Search your feelings anon. You want a Touhou anime.

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