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ur gross.

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Wow. Rude.

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So you behave like cancer as a form of deterrence so non cancerous people can enter your board.

I don't exactly see how that in any way shape or form stops you from not being cancerous.

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>being a board xenophobe

It's like you people actually pretend to be Jap

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Why do you always ask /jp/ to suck your dick, is it becasue /jp/ teases and you never get satisfied? and why /jp/?

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>hasn't happened yet
Are you new around here?

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>>Both English and paper formats are being planned.
>paper format

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SM 3.0 is DirectX 9. That shit came out almost a decade ago.
Seriously now. What hardware are you people using?

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Ask a real Japanese person anything!

Pic related, it's me.

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>goes to gym for ages. YMCA, convenient location, free parking, lifts the barbells much, swims a bit
>is aspie as fuck from lurking /jp/ for years
>tries to make connections with gymbros. maybe a steady workout partner or reliable spotter would be nice
>needs to find something in common to connect, hates team sports, doesn't care about cars, doesn't own TV, can only say so much about the weather
>sees builtmode guy with bitchin' beard, thinks to self "Hey, I have a bitchin' beard too!"
>practices some small talk about beards in mirror at home. this is going to be great!
>works up nerve to say something to Beardbro, walks in general direction, but Beardbro looks up from his workout, and eye contact is made. ABORT!
>veers off toward water fountain, disaster narrowly avoided
>3 weeks later, more practicing under belt, well prepared for beard convo
>walks into locker room, sees Beardbro walk around corner. opportunity at last!
>brings rehearsed icebreaker to front of mind, prepare to engage!
>walks around corner of lockers, blurts out "I see your winter pelt is really coming in!" just as Beardbro drops his towel and bends over to grab his undies from his duffel bag on the floor
>shouts his icebreaker into Beardbro's ass
>Beardbro stands up very, very straight, very, very suddenly.
>"..muh...I mean... beard... winter is coming...so cold."
>passes out, hits head on stool, and wakes up in a locker with a wad of a corner of a gym towel stuffed in mouth

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>lobsters die when they are killed.jpg

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>playing a non-Illusion 3D H-game

Wow, really?

You guys are pretty fucking pathetic.

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I only asked for oppions, I already got my ways to learn it I just want to know if theres a fast and better way that maybe I dont know, that was all.
But I see people here dont like to help huh

I think I know what you mean.
You see I never studied english or anything, I learned from playing rpgs and stuff where I needed to translate all the stuff.
I still need to find a good site where I can use to translate the kanji/katakana/hiragana from the japanese games I play, if anyone have a good one please gimme!

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a tan is a slightly darker skin but less than niggers

now please drop your trip you niggernewfag and either lurk a year or gb2 /a/ or /b/ or whatever shithole you crawled out of

yes i mad

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Superior 2D master race here

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>VII just okay

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>mi cara cuando you don't post your face

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>see obvious troll thread
>jaypee too dumb to ignore it
>mi cara cuando

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I don't know how to tell you this without hurting your feelings /jp/, so I'm just gonna come right out and say it.

I don't like you.

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Preposterous, nobody could still be a virgin at his age.

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