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Mori sang a song about watching their wife get fucked by their friend.

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Oh shit boys, here we go!

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Guys, b-begginer here and I have a silly question: Do you always read the hiragana combinations as they are?, for example みゃ, it's pronunciation is mya, but could there be times where you say it as mi ya or miya?, like each hiragana being separated?

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MFW subs are finally useful for something other than exps or Orel

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>in-depth review of your experiences would be great
Will do. So far what I can say, is that I really like both of them. Bare in mind these are my first. Right now I'm leaning toward the LU being my favored, but I've only used the Clone twice. I love the Clones texture, I'm glad I didn't get it in hard. It's so big and heavy, the extra material
almost seems unnecessary, you know? Also, I seem to enjoy the uterus feature (impregnation fetishist reporting in), so if there's a next hole it will definitely have one. I think with the Clone, I'm slightly disappointed in the lack of Uterus (I didn't realize the difference it made until I'd tried both). I dunno, I might change my mind down the road.

I'm cut, and unhappy about it. For all noobs out there, hard ... it's NOT FUCKING HARD, at all. When I got it, I was almost relieved that I got it instead of a soft because the actual hardness of the holes (both hard and regular) is flesh soft anyway. I have to say, the reasoning I went with Hard instead of Soft, is because I was afraid the subtleties of the texture would be lost on me, and to a very small extent I can feel that happening with the Clone. I wanted an intense experience and I got it. Also, I use a technique for holding back orgasm, that works indefinitely with my hand (able to achieve multiple orgasms). Using it with these holes extends my sessions for a bit longer, but I'm hoping to train myself to be able to hold out with these as well.

>get a soft sometime
Will do, if I order again.

>soft is favorable on large and uncut peni
Good thing I didn't go soft then, since I'm cut.

Sorry for the long post guys.

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Speaking of lube... I got this:

I didn't want to order from 2 different companies, and I didn't want shit to come in separately so I said fuck it...

How badly did I just fuck up?

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Just god Red String after 3 kills

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I'm reading the shit out of this, thanks a bunch! I have a feeling this alone is going to keep me busy for a long long time.

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I'll enjoy my uniqueness!

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Reporting from the apocalypse in EU, the mayans we're right.

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I wish I could watch Yuru Yuris in 1080p...

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le epic GET anon

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Welcome back.

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/jp/, I need your assistance. My brother came to me with a request to find a site where he can buy 'weaboo' furniture. He wants to make his room Japanese oriented. Do you know of any places?

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I am a female by the way

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I love the stories about your gran Yama

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