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I mostly have a waifu to paper over the crushing loneliness and depression of my NEEThood

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It's just like sleeping forever- you don't remember the time that passes while you're asleep because you're brain isn't conscious enough to be aware of anything. You just *stop*.

It's like, imagine just being at your computer, and suddenly, you find yourself in a void. There is nothing there- you ca't see anything, not even yourself, theres just blackness. You can't hear anything, not even your heartbeat. You can't feel anything. You can't smell anything. Imagine *total* sensory deprivation.

That is still not as bad as death. Because even picturing or imagining that complete lack of anything isn't as bad as it is, because even in a sensory deprivation tank or whatever, you can still *know* that you can see things there's just noting there. With death, you don't you *can't* sense anything, and you can't even acknowledge that you can't sense anything.

The human mind just *cannot* comprehend what it would feel like to not exist because every experience it has is it existing so it has nothing to use as a reference. Which is why the closest you get is sleeping, just a void where time passes but you arent there to be aware of it except it never ends and will never end that's it everything has stopped forever and you can't ever even comprehend whats happened because there is no you to understand it anymore because you have stopped.

And that's why I don't think about death too much because it is frankly terrifying.

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