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Imagine for a moment the level of Eirin's loyalty and devotion to Kaguya and why that might be. Let's be honest here, she's superior to Kaguya in almost every way that counts, the only thing Kaguya has is her immortal beauty and even that is arguable depending on tastes.

So imagine that you've got this extremely successful, intelligent woman capable of doing anything she wants for her advanced civilization of moon people and she devotes all of it to her devoted love of their princess, someone she then makes immortal to the point nothing will ever kill her.

Now imagine trying to get in the way of that.

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as per >>2678210 she could have taken it at some point, but I think most people go with the idea she's just long lived, either through the fact she's a Lunarian or because she's such a brilliant pharmacist that she can more or less negate ageing entirely.

Eirin was never punished the way Kaguya was and none of the characters call her out on it in the way some did with Mokou, so I'd be inclined to think she's just long lived and isn't immortal in the same sense Kaguya is.

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Marisa was already savoring the premise of eating her lunch by the lakeside. She was about to suggest to Youmu that they ditch the crimescene for a few seconds and go see what Suika and Yuugi were up to, but then a tinny little melody came from Youmu's hip pocket. Marisa watched the ghost-girl fumble in her pocket and pull out her cellphone, flicking it open and bringing it to her ear.

"Miss Houraisan! What a surprise! No, really, I mean it! I've never even spoken to you before.....what?" Youmu gasped, so dramatically that Marisa stared. " Yes! Yes, she is. O-okay! Good...goodbye!" She closed her phone, looking thunderstruck.

"That was the quickest phone conversation I've ever seen, ze! You're gonna beat Aya at that rate. So what did the mayor want?" Marisa asked, keen to know what had upset Youmu so much.

"You. She's coming here..."

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