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>Feelio when I have a lewd poster of Patche in my room

Feels good man.

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Why did Tokiko and Moe!tron got kicked out of the steam group??????

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To lewd?

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Being kind right now, so please post more pictures of Patchy being angry or anything similar.

I don't know if this one counts but it's the best I have.

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morning bump

I actually managed to have a pretty sweet lucid dream, I was able to push things around with my mind, set them on fire, and generally do cool magical shit.

The teacher, Patchouli, was not pleased- she said I was too wild with my magic. She told me to write an incantation on this chalk board, and I decided it would be way more efficient to levitate about 10 pieces of chalk and use each one to individually write a different part of the spell, all at once. I felt like a badass, but I'm not sure she was impressed, she kept giving me these stern teacher-like looks.

>digression about the mirror thing
I had a dream where I was a 3D girl once, and I could see myself in a mirror totally fine, in fact it was how I discovered I had become a girl. I was this short blonde with a huge set of boobs. I was wearing a white tank top looking thing, and a pair of jeans. It was... interesting.

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"c-can you carry me?" Patchouli asks in an embarrassed tone, meekly avoiding eye contact. "It's... just that it's such a long walk..."

Patchouli is blushing hard, and you can hardly resist her charm- she pouts at you and your resolve to make her walk crumbles. "Okay, fine," you relent. You slip your hands under her arms and boost her up so she's sitting on her table. Turning around, you back up to the table and instruct Patchy on what to do. She meekly wraps her arms around your neck and steadies herself, her hands pressing against your chest. One the count of three, you lift her up off the table and she wraps her legs around your waist. Steadying her by putting your hands under her thighs and against your hips, you begin piggybacking Patcy across Voile.

Though at first she seems very reserved about the whole thing, in just a few short moments she's giggling uproariously as you run about with her in tow, hugging you tight. She almost loses her breath for a moment, even. Once you reach your destination the two of you snuggle close and begin to read page after page of the books you found, sipping tea and talking of all manner of delightful topics.

and then you wake up, forever alone ;_;

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A queen will never exist on /jp/. None the less a 3D one.

Why don't you kids get this?

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Go to bed. We have a 3 hour drive tomorrow.

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That feel when your new gf spends half the time licking your balls while giving a bj

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What is up with you fucking retards, this is a /jp/ related thread about Touhou, if you don't like the thread, gtfo

Patchy 9/10

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Tired of /jp/.

Give me one good reason why I should stay.

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>This is my Patchouli.

Hey, that's my phrase, and my Patchouli.

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That's pretty disappointing, I expected a lot from TM's "Chat noir chat blanc".

In that case, can anyone scan this Koishi doujinshi, pretty please?

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I was just posting my reaction face to this thread but... whatever.

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Guys, guys, I was talking about the Japanese fans, not the Western fans. Do they have a name for their 2D culture?

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>implying nearly every relationship out there isn't a hollow, unfulfilling, meaningless exercise in futility, an attempt to acquire a mere sexual partner, or an attempt to fulfill a real or imagined societal norm.

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The droopiest.

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Dont like it here, get the fuck out no one cares. This is now a patchu thread!

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So old ;_;

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Music scores.

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"I told you that will happen if you disobey Flandres orders..."

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