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At least now you know how the industry works. Just play games a decade old or so. They still tend to actually install and run, and aren't really affected by the stupid stuff that is going on nowadays. Or go into the more niche stuff. At least there you can talk away the issues with budget restrictions.

I'm actually playing something right now, an old Clochette game, because a new one was released. I haven't touched the new one (and probably never will), but I'd bet it starts with shoving the tits into your face as soon as the girls get introduced, with a nice (shitty) zoom showcasing how much they can't into upscaling. Meanwhile the old game doesn't bother doing that. Heck, even the visible panties in one CG isn't zoomed into. The artist was also still good back then.
Even if the new game wouldn't do that, that kinda stuff is more and more the standard in the industry. Either it's some kinda gacha shit or everything is focused on the porn to the point, you start to question why the heck there's so much shitty text aside of it. Also bigger tits. That seems to be the only thing they can "one up" compared to previous games.

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