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What I was saying was:
4chan used to be an anime website. Since then, it has become a general interest website. It has had non-anime boards since the year it was created. For the past five or more years, it has not been an anime website any more than Reddit is a computing/programming website (as it once was).

I gave the figure of "over five years" because I think the new frontpage was a solid indicator of when 4chan had stopped being an anime website. The actual change probably took place gradually before then, but with: the trendier design; the new themes; the lack of any new anime boards; the additional of lots of non-anime boards; 4chan's FAQ and other site materials being rewritten; and moot's waning interest in anime, 4chan stopped being an anime website.

There are still anime image boards and BBSes if you want them, but 4chan is not one.

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