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you call this a party?

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What's wrong with that?

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tell me sum stories or what did you see in Kabukicho. Violence?

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This thing makes me depressed for knowing Spanish.

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Are you a NEET, /jp/?

If so, how did you become one?

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Look at these turbonerds arguing.

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A shitty pic for a shitty fig posted by a shitty poster, in a shitty board, in a shitty shitty site.

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Is there anything like some cute girl softly moaning while the guy is gentle to her and they kiss, hug and soft stuff like that? I'm tired of all this TAKE IT ALL AND KIMOCHI NOW and the girl moaning like a pig, or weird ass fetishes where he gets more points for putting stuff up her butt.

tl;dr tender vanilla JAV where

I'm not even sure if this is even a thing.

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memories of phantasm 2 japanese fandub fucking when ;_;

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You don't know me. I'm 19371 years old.

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NEET/Hikikomori general.

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The old thread has hit the limit, so let's have a new one!

How are you feeling today, /jp/?

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Best visual novel/eroge you've ever read in your opinion?

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Shitpost appreciation thread.
Everybody get in here!

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Can someone post that VN that some made last year? I think it was called "Please Respond" or something.

That shit was funny as fuck.

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So, from where can I download the Touhou games without joining a botnet?

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Nah, brah.


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So, some other thread got me thinking. All of us have probably been on the Internet for a very long time and a lot of us are probably autistic enough to hoard bookmarks in addition to pictures and stuff.

So, what are some of the more interesting bookmarks some of you have or some of the more interesting or useful websites you know about in general?

Bonus points if it's otaku culture related obviously.

Double bonus points if it's something not a lot of people know about or is an older website.

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Live as a NEET as long as you can. My adventure ends this week, at least I got a lonely job...

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What elements would you like to see in a game that lets you play as a hikki?

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