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>Originally derived from Buddhism, Byakuren then began using dark magic derived from aiding youkai to retain her youth, after her brother's death. Now, Byakuren specializes in "buffing" magic which increases her physical abilities, including strength, speed, and the five senses. Normally, however, she's only as strong as a normal human. Ultimately, though she is called a saint, these powers are demonic in nature.
>Byakuren specializes in "buffing" magic which increases her physical abilities, including strength, speed, and the five senses

Did this not sink in for anyone until they played as her in 13.5? I mean, in UFO, she's just your typical LASERS LASERS LASERS EVERYWHERE danmaku final boss but in 13.5 you actually get to use her buffing magics and kick people's asses with Buddhist martial arts.

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Once again humanity proves that it is not the subject, but the fucking fan club/secondaries that ruin it for everybody else.

You may think I am joking, but it is always the people who don't know what they are talking about that screw things up.

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Leading people astray again, I see.

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Which touhou is most likely to CRAWL?

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Derp, forgot my beautiful Buddhist priest.

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This picture reminded me, i've always wondered, what exactly is Byakuren's fighting style? (other than danmaku) I mean, Suika and Yuugi have unbelievable strenght, Aya has her wind, and Ichirin have Unzan and those chakrams, what's Hijiri's? I don't see much of her fan-art...

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Standard save the princess fare at the start where the princess is slight reference to Byakuren but other than that it also references past campaigns where we dealt with a villain who was trying to merge all the planes into one so he could rule them all. If everything goes as planned the party will realize that the tyrant merging the planes together actually exists on each plane as an epic level character and that the only way to kill him for sure is to ally with each plane and kill every manifestation within one week of each other or else he will revive in one year and three days. I already have about 400 characters they can communicate with and about 50 different jobs they can take to build their renown across the planes. Along with that I have 10 different prestige classes they can take levels in that are built for each person after years of knowing them. Sadly I doubt my group will see the end because we have a person that seems to revel in breaking the fun.

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Happiness is an ephemeral state of mind. Didn't the Buddha teach us anything? The human experience is defined by suffering.

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Hey /jp/. I'm planning on going to Reitaisai on the 13th, but I'm not really sure what to expect. My Japanese is pretty bad, so I'm not even sure how to get tickets. Any advice for a newbie?

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Blasphemy! Why do I have so few Byakuren pics?!

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It's the Anti-Youkhrist!

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Man that vodka is good...

Now I throw rocks!

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Yes, she lost her brother. A great tragedy. Even moreso is how she blames herself for it all.

But what she has done is taken that self-hatred and twisted it, sublimated it into this animosity toward humanity, giving succor to the slobbering, man-eating beasts. The filthy youkai animal hordes.

She is a traitor to her species. She is committing treason and choosing to lie with the mongrels that would tear down what humble, meager society we have managed to scrape out in this forsaken land, and feast on our families, our children, us!

And for her actions, as tragically motivated as they may be, she MUST burn. If she misses her brother so, we can, in our own way, reunite them.

This will make her a martyr, it will make things worse before it gets better, but the current state of affairs cannot hold. The longer we wait, the more she emboldens the ravenous youkai.

For all of our sakes, Byakuren must burn at the stake.

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Youkai Jesus.

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I've already read it and seen the camrip. I'm going for shits and giggles and because I need a little vacation.

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