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Little black-haired Touhous are the best.

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and don't you forget it.

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Sikieiki: Without much of a reason, you've defeated many youkai. It wasn't once or twice that you've defeated ones that weren't youkai.

And despite being a Shrine Maiden, you do absolutely no exchange with God. There are times when you even bare your fangs towards God.

Reimu: How rude! Exterminating youkai is my job, it can't be helped.

Nice to see even the Yama herself thinks Reimu is a bitch.

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Anon used the wrong word because Anon is a weeaboo. Reimu doesn't even have a dere mode. She's a bitch pretty much all the time, she acts like everything is a bother and is fairly quick to anger when bitches get up in her face. She's not afraid to knock some heads to get the answers she needs when she finally has to do shit and treats every Touhou regardless of power with the same lack of respect.

Doesn't matter if your Yukari or Cirno, you are Reimu's bitch as long as she's Shrine Maiden.

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Strength-wise - Suika. Nuff said
Magic-wise - Tough call. Tie between Alice w/Grimore hax, Ran w/ Yukari present, and Patchi w/ an inhaler, IMO
h4x-wise - Yukari (You'd have to make Flan mad, and Yuyuko can only kill mortals)

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3. Want to play bullet barrage?

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I still want it to be true ;__;

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What a bitch, srsly.

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Now, this is why we cant have nice things.

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In Gensokyo, miko rape you.

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