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I'm not that anon but your analogy is pretty fucking retarded since you're comparing pets that are just there to look cute with actual capable fighters meant to fight.

A better example would be to point out Yukari who despite being the 3rd strongest 2hu doesn't automatically make Chen that strong at all.

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Probably but again, I'm choosing it because it's MUCH closer.

20 min BART + Bus ride & Free Bed >>> 6 hr Drive & Hotel

The homeless are pretty much JUST Shattuck ave, South Berkeley, and University & San Pablo and are easily avoidable.

It's not like this is SF or Oakland.

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Video Editor for a local news station.

I get paid a shit $14/h to cut footage and work some of the longest hours of the company only to get shat on by coworkers for making less than they would if they worked half the time....Or when it's not shitting on my smaller pay, it's shitting on me for my social awkwardness/shyness/still being single.

It's terrible, depressing, and makes me drink more every week but it's how I survive...for now.

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