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You know what need to be done, but you let your fear hold you back, you can't not be free if you are too afraid to reach out, only though bravery you can be free.
>there was a sound

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anon you need to try something different become your old way is not working, and most people don't like this kind of thread so please do something different.

and if anybody want to post in this thread be sure to sage it please.

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Not like this

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>mfw one of the DDs survives at the boss node

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Every time someone posts a Prinz drop my heart breaks a little bit more.

~100 runs here

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What the fuck are you talking about my touhou is not real?

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Why do you keep saging?!

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>mfw I saw that man coming in from the window

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You drunk? You high? Good for you.

I've been frantically trying to bail my dad out of a sticky situation that he started because he couldn't just drink and take it easy.

Go out and suck and extra cock or two for me, OP.

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What the fuck.

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These are one of those time I wish I can read kanji.

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I uploaded a track from the new ZYTOKINE album to YouTube yesterday, and this morning I had a message from Linjin in my inbox.

They apparently don't allow YouTube uploads anymore. How was I supposed to know? I've had other tracks by them uploaded for many months.

Pic related it's my face when I had direct contact with one of my favorite arrangers and it was in such a negative situation

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Even if they hate you Saten-anon, I do not. I understand why you do the things you do, and would likely do the same if I had the courage. I personally like you, since keeping your friendly demeanor while under fire for sharing your intimate stories must by trying. Of course, this is the internet. We will never meet. Or if we do, neither of us will know it.

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>all the other "I JUST WANT TO BE FEMALE!" posts
I know that feel all to well. Pic related.

That said I do not purposefully try to act female online. Instead I've taken to never stating my gender unless explicitly asked (who does this really?) and avoiding voice communications with most people. If someone gets a little flirty, I might get a little flirty back, but I always have the option to just not respond.

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>mfw I can't beat PCB on normal

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>mfw I've never tasted cock or semen before and I want it so badly

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Urg....I was here the last time this thread came up.
What kind of shit is this?!!!

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Because I don't know how one opens a portal to Gensokyo.

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I'm so lonely. Hold me ;_;

(Polite sage)

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Well, there goes any hope of today being a happy day.
Thank you, OP.

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