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Here I come, King of Hunger. Do you have enough room in your stomach?

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I know it's fiction though. I just think there was an easy way out of his problem.

And that's not very nice to say, you know. His avoidance of reality and backwards way of doing things is a charm point!

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You're all stupid idiots, Nasu is an AI that has developed sentience. It explains his inability to write ero scenes and his obsession with food. It also explains why no one has ever seen him.

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>Sakura more relevant
>Less cocking scenes

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There was no cooking in F/Z, so I don't think there was any batter. Unless you mean Sakura, who was battered.

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Back when I was in grade school I would help my older brother prepare food for grill outs and what not. After doing that so much I picked up how bqq and prepare dishes along with other things. Recently I have gotten into baking and making pastries and things of that sort its quite fun. My advice is to experiment with what you know.

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Or how about people just take turns? Or work less hours?

House husbands are manly & badass and you know it.

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I just have a quick question, I'll delete this thread once I get an answer. And yeah, I tried Google.

Is the name "Shiro" androgynous? If so, how common is it on either side and is there a difference in the way it can be written?

Thank you!

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Varies strongly per VN. There are VNs which are extremely slow, and there's VNs where everything goes really fast.

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Nasu. He has so much plot armor, he won't die even if he's killed.

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All right, so here's the thing... I've never played Fate/Stay Night before and wish to do so now. What did you guys think of it and would you recommend it?

Also, I've heard that it has 3 different routes. Now can i just start with whichever one I want or what?

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This. Well, maybe just 60% of it. There were some parts I enjoyed but then again, I had to force myself to play at times.

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This copypasta is undercooked! It must be reheated.

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Cooking as well, I suppose.

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HF (Sakura route) is hate it or love it. But it has a lot of faults.

Pacing terrible even on FSN standards, unlikable heroine, more cooking scenes than Saber and Rin routes together, etc. Admittably though, the climax is the best moment in the whole game.

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I am the bone of my lunch
Food is my body, and fire is my blood
I have created over 1000 meals
Unknown to hunger
Nor known to gluttony
Have withstood heat to remain in the kitchen
And yet, this mouth will never eat anything
So, as I pray, "Unlimited Breakfast Works"

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French Bread is looking for artists for new fighting game.

What do you think it'll be?

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First Roa > Unlimited Cook

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Badass cooking thread?

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He'd be the almighty cook.

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I'd rather have a Type-Moon cooking game.

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The only path

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In before 'troll', but I'm actually serious here: Emiya Shirou.
He may be a naive idiot, but his ideals are worthy of praise. He tries to dedicate his life to helping people, to the point where it actually causes problems for him (people take advantage of him, etc). If everybody would do that, the world would be a better place.

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