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Regarding the alraune redesign, I love how KC worded this:

>She will appear in a future version of the game, but by all means, enjoy a sweet, elegant, and blazingly hot time with her!

Sweet, elegant and blazingly hot is such a great way to describe the alraune.

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So what is the story with the new alraune art in the RPG demo? Is it just in the game's files and somebody found it?

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>nonstandard urine

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Good choice, Anon.

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It's supposed to be though. That's why anthropomorphosis isn't permanent and cannot be maintained during sex.

Anthropomorphosis allows for that, though instead of leaving the flower it would be more like the flower recedes into their body/vanishes for a time.

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I liked what I originally thought were cool, unique costumes.

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It would be a trial worthy of an epic story.

>You've had a dream ever since you were a child, to raise up and marry a alraune of the highest tier.

>At last, thanks to years of hard work and no small amount of good fortune (Eros' blessings really are helpful at keeping you available for the lover you desire), you've managed to acquire everything you need and remained unmarried. A alraune seed from the wife of a friend of your father's, a plot of land rented from a earth elementalist, and the intoxication fruit just about ready to start dripping that precious juice.

>You plant the seed and now the real hard work begins. You can't afford to leave the area, and hope the rations you've stockpiled in your tent are enough to last the needed time. That and the various repellents and weapons needed to fend off the many creatures that will seek to eat or take the fruit before your wife is done using it to grow.

>When you're sleeping is when the fruit becomes most vulnerable. You set up a alarm system of pots and pans on wires, and hope it and the various magical and mundane repellents you spread are enough.

>You have the sympathy of most of the neighboring monsters. More than once you see beast hunters carting off giant insects and other creatures that could have threatened your fruit. Even so, you have to fend off some such beasts yourself at times and there are plenty of close calls.

>One advantage at least is that once your alraune sprouts, your sleeping next to her growing flower bulb showers you in so much of her ambient mana that passing unmarried monster regard you as already taken. Albeit you still get into some arguments, even having to plead at times, to keep such monsters from taking the fruit for themselves.

>Your elementalist friend and his gnome wife are indispensable. Every week or so they check in, making sure the fruit is healthy enough to keep dripping, and invigorating the plant if need be. All they ask in return is to try out some legendary level alraune nectar once your honeymoon is over.

>Lonely and bored, you frequently talk to the growing bulb, and you can swear that at times you can hear a muffled giggle or sigh in reply.

>Then one day, disaster! A pig the size of a horse runs straight through every obstacle and repellent you've set up. You can't hope to fight it off if its that intent on the fruit.

>Thorny roots and vines suddenly rise up from around the bulb, whipping at the pig's sensitive snout repeatedly and rising up over it in silent threat. Surprised and in pain, it retreats. It seems your soon to be wife is now your ally in her growth.

>Day after day, week after week, the flower bulb grows until it looms over you. You anticipate the alraune will be a good head taller than you once she is done growing.

>Sure enough the day comes as the bulb opens, mana intense enough to nearly knock you off your feet flowing from the flower and revealing the alraune in all her bombshell glory.

>Exhausted and relieved, you at last stumble into the flower for your well-earned reward.

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Doubtful, since the process "ripens" their nectar and enables it to be a even stronger attractant for men. Hence alraunes likely usually encourage it, at least until they are married.

Given they can give nectar through their kiss, I presume its produced by their saliva and perhaps other body fluids. Probably flows out of the flower itself too to provide the main pool.

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There are a lot of mutual benefits though as the bees help the alraune make stronger nectar that helps her attract men more easily, and once married the alraune even gets payback on the bees by sexually frustrating them.

>When honey bees collect nectar, they get inside of the alraune's flower and tease her body, licking all over it and pleasuring her, almost like they're having sex. By making the alraune drown in pleasure in this manner, they're able to collected ripened nectar that's one rank up. Since this ripened nectar has even more sugar than normal nectar, its scent is even more sweet and rich, and because of that, it has the effect of attracting men more strongly, and it has a fortified aphrodisiac and stamina-boosting effect.

>Also, in the case that the alraune is already married, the nectar will be ripened by the alraune and her husband showing off having sex in front of the honey bees. The honey bees being shown may get the urge to join in themselves, or hurry back home to have sex with their own husband, so it's pretty unbearable for them.

>Furthermore, by rubbing this nectar into their own skin on a daily basis, the honey bees are able to attract men, making it so that they have a wonderful body that men want to suck all over even more.

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Do alraunes have anuses? I need to know for scientific purposes.

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And another angle showing how the bulb+petals make for a roomy enough (if you sit down), insulated space.

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Take me down to Paradise City, where the girls are green and the grass is pretty!

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A bountiful harvest.

Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h

Monster Girl Wordpress: https://monstergirlscollection.wordpress.com

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Can't believe nobody told you this but all KC alraunes can move. Most walk about on the roots below their flowers, but barometz move by bouncing.

Of course they can also learn to use polymorph to change the flower into legs.

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Within the forests and spoopy arboretums there might as well be.

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Specifically they pull up their roots and walk on them (although our sheep fruit girl bounces instead). However, they can also learn magic to transform their flowers into humanoid legs, but it seems they can't actually physically detach from the flower.

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Alraunes can walk around on their roots. They can't detach from their flowers but they can learn polymorph spells that enable them to change their whole bodies into humanoid ones temporarily.

The only ones with limited movement we know about are dryads.

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