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Yeah, maybe he streams too much. But most of those extra streams are Apex plays that I consider as filler content.
But I have to disagree on the unchanging vibes though: there are indeed reoccurring concepts but he is really good at expanding them and keeping them interesting whether these are cultural exchange, fitness or experiments. He also usually has some interesting discussion topics in the weekly chat.
Since he has a wide range of content, you just have to select the the types of streams you like instead of trying to watch everything, and he even facilitates your life by recently uploading clips of some of his lives too by himself.
Like I said, I am fine with the current situation, and I hope it doesn't impact his mood and motivation because at the end, his growth is still healthy. But if he really really wants to break the status quo, the sad truth is that he will need at some time to specialize in one thing like most of his more successful colleagues. But once again, I like Aruran because of his versatility and his based taste in general, so I hope he can find a way without having to resort to this.

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