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erm..what does the "OP" in JOP or EOP stand for?

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I swear i'm prostituing myself only for the title.
I'm not enjoying it.

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Would smoke and mirrors work for a 5'11" and 175 lbs guy who really wants to try kig out? Asking for a friend.

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It's a bad ippan habit.

Tanyao, pinfu, akadora. Discarded the first haku against someone showing a dora triplet.

I was betting on him not being in tenpai yet. I should have folded. My pinfu was already falling apart.

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you forget that they already have 1 year of history together that you're not being shown. not totally unreasonable that she would him endearing.

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>namasensei gets bullied on djt
>tfw I unironically like namasensei's videos and have learned a fair amount from him

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Please stop talking about lifelong loving marriage, this is a blue board.

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Oh. Yeah. That's probably it.

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>that one girl whose taller than everyone else

Oh gosh.

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Newfag here, are japs genuinely this obsessed with burgers?

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You know, it's t-that thing you do with t-that and then t-hat thing happens. Too lewd! Moving on, is the black angel pet any good? Anyone have one that they're using?

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I am a little disappointed that I didn't make it on the kuso collage when I tried to sink the E2 boss with torpedo cut ins for a good 2 hours straight before I gave up and posted here askin why the torpedo cut in would never trigger even on Yukikaze and Shigure only to have people laugh at me and realize that "installation type" bosses are a thing and you can't torpedo them.

I really wanted to be famous.

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>mfw everyone from /jp/ will laugh at me and my one memedal

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I have very specific fetish. I want to fuck a girl who another girl is in love with. Basically like NTR, just that I want to be the one doing the NTRing, and that the person I steal the girl from is also a girl. Even better if the guy starts kissing and groping the girl in front of the NTR'd girl's eyes.

Is there a game where this happens?

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Oh anon you're going to make me blush

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I want to chat with you! you are the canadian one right? please??

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I want to have a three way with dykes!

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I don't understand that innuendo.

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Ah, okay.

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>"If I weren’t so caring, I don’t think I’d be able to love you as much as I do."

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I made one once
But it was deleted instantly

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