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No, that is certainly not hell. That is, beyond all doubt, a metaphysical space between the material world and the tower of white jade inhabited by spirits that do not conform to the system of categorisation employed by the celestial bureaucracy.

Even ghosts make mistakes on an empty stomach, and you have clearly not eaten enough juicy maids lately.

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I would invite Marisa. It would be awesome to watch anime and play videogames with her, and she would probably smoke pot with me too

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... they aren't?
They aren't blood related since poltergeists don't have any physical form and thus no genetic material, or what?

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Yukari probably isn't powered by faith, since she's born from a concept that is a fundamental component of nature - there were boundaries before there were even planets capable of supporting life as we know it (although Yukari herself probably isn't that old).

However, there are probably faith-powered youkai that aren't part of an established species as such. Since Layla Prismriver could create poltergeists in the shape of her sisters, there might very well be youkai born from concepts that only hold any meaning as long as people believe in them.

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A setting that has a lot of content but very loose definitions, and with that relatively few far-fetched explanations. It thus allows for an unusual lot of varied interpretation without straying too far from the source material.

Few settings allow for a perfectly visible, permanently bed-haired, violin-manipulating poltergeist brushing teeth.

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