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Hello fellow エロゲスレ readers/hoarders.
I don't know if you remember me, but I was the anon that searched for ABYSS -殺人クラブ- (abyss_c76_patch1_5.zip) and 滅び朽ちる世界に追憶の花束を ~present for you~ (Patch.xp3) since May of the last year.
It's been an exact year (minus one day) since I tried to search for this lost patches.
Fortunately, another anon managed to find the patch for Abyss and posted it on this thread a couple of weeks ago, so half of the work is done.
I've just managed to find a working download link which may contain the other one:
Unfortunately, other than not having a japanese IP, I can't find a way to use the correct password.
The thread where the link and password come from is:
The supposed filename/password/date(?) of the password is:
深淵病棟 愛 3日
If anybody can manage to download it and reupload it somewhere else, I would be EXTREMELY grateful!

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For preservation:

滅び朽ちる世界に追憶の花束を (base game)
Alternatively here (this says ~present for you~, but it's actually the base game)

滅び朽ちる世界に追憶の花束を ~present for you~ (fandisc)
pass: sage

Now if only someone could provide the update for the base game. Sadly it wasn't captured by archive.org

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