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>Does the entire country get up at 5.30am even on Saturdays?! Even Aizu had trains coming in at ridiculous hours of the morning.

To be fair its 5:30am and I think most metros / train systems run at this time in general in alot of places around the world. Its certainly the case in Australia here.

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>She was a qt and nice

What the fuck.

How does a qt nice (albiet seemly obsessive) girl find interest in someone like you with seemingly little in the way of "redeeming qualities" no offence, I am similar).

How did you even meet such a qt nice (albeit obsessive) woman?

Because quite frankly despite your warning / advice I would gladly switch places (my head is probably not right but thats another story).

I feel like, if by some miracle, a qt nice girl would be this dedicated (obsessive) to me, I would actually try to "achieve something in life and work hard" instead of the hopeless fuck I am now. Essentially I feel like I need a purpose (even if this sounds like an excuse for the way I am now) in life, something or someone to commit and dedicate to, to give me drive.

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