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good post OP

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this is a good post

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this is a good post, come to /jp/ more often

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good thread

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>constantly almost dying
What do you mean by that? That bullets get really close to you? Don't worry, that's normal. You are okay at all times unless they actually hit you.

Give me some more info, what game, what stage can you get to, who you're using.

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Get in here /jp/!

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>Why don't you try?
>Maybe things gonna be all right.
I'll take your word for it, Hiro.

ITT: we propose things to Hiro to improve the state of /jp/.

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Were almost there just 3 more!

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A lot of kanshicollle generals
Even more games-only-niwaka-care-about generals
Also JAV, AKB and idols generals who don't even belong here

Why haven't you migrated yet instead of being a slave to the hiro[redacted]?

Did you know that your beloved hiro[redacted] is one of the most hated people on the Japanese internet, and even more so by にchannel? Of course you don't, you fucking niwaka. He [system thinks this is spam], for more info refer to the second post, censorship is strong here. Whole story covered.
Long story short, he's a huge „Israeli”.

Did you also know that はちchannel and にch have the same owner now? He's called Jim and actually trustworthy. No, he's not the cripple.

The ones of you that still care, run. Also the system won't let me post half of the things, nice censorship.

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I love the /jp/ heritage threads.

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I-is this the cuteposting thread?

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How should we attract more users to /jp/?

Moving the monster girl generals here was a good start (as well as creating plenty of generals of our own), but where do we go from there?

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How do we make /jp/ more accommodating for newcomers?

Moving the monstergirl generals here was a good start, but where do we go from there?

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Recruiting GF. I am 24 years old, 5'9" 170lbs. I squat 3 plate, bench 2 plate, OHP 1 plate. I like to cuddle and I like sex too. But I haven't done either of them before.

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