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Anything written by the great nasu is canon anon. His words and writing are the law unless he says otherwise .

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>Ah shit, forgot Mahoyo
You're not the only one.

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Just wait for the concert, lol

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No, picking fledgling artists and giving them a chance over well-known and established artists makes you a good person rather than someone who only thinks about maximizing profitability and popularity.

You know

an asshole

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TL of that one Nasu blog post from over a year ago, where he clarified the difference between Fate and Tsuki:

It's commonly thought that TYPE-MOON's fiction... rather, the fiction that Kinoko Nasu creates for TYPE-MOON, exist "all in the same world," but the basic fundamental, which has been explained in bits and pieces until now, is that it splits into two major systems.
The Fate world where Heroic Spirits can be employed as Servants, and worlds where it's not possible to summon strong concepts like Heroic Spirits as something like "autonomous familiars", such as the Tsukihime world.
The foundation of the Fate world is "The Affirmation of Human History", since Heroic Spirits can be considered the lead roles,
but the foundation of the Tsukihime world is "The _______ of Human History", since the Dead Apostles, who are the antagonists, are the theme, so it's different.
So. In Tsukihime, a certain character... who was counted as one of the Twenty-Seven Ancestors, from the church... becomes a powerful Dead Apostle after a "certain encounter."
But in the Fate world, the "certain encounter" never happens to begin with, he never became a Dead Apostle or held the power to be counted as "one of the Ancestors," and the mystery began to degrade as well.
So there's the difference... the worlds' foundation is the same, but because the conditions are different, the way that the characters are is also different... I'm happy if you can enjoy it either way.

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>tfw you give so little fucks a voice actor fucking dies before you finish your game

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nothing perfect can come from this man

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>tfw you delay a project for so long that one of the principal voice actors dies

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