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I finally got my [email protected] back and it works properly now and uh, I'm not doing so well on my first run through. It's week 24 and Ami/Mami are still rank E. I spend so much time in lessons they aren't doing many Auditions and when they do do Auditions they get outclassed easily unless I go for low level stuff.

Promotions are nice but they don't get much besides hearts/memories to use and I loath to use their good memories of me in case it has something do do with the endings.


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Yes. Also it's from the last time I worked about 2 1/2 years ago.

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I'm not quite sure what the hell you're saying, but the Producer is only rarely in the audio dramas, which are all rather good.

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Perhaps someone could throw up a quick translation of all the QTE text first?

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