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>ywn be a talented ボカロP

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holy shit this is the most devastating news I've heard this year

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I don't want to clean my ona every time.

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>suddenly music

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Fuck. I opened the link when I woke up. But it turns out I never actually downloaded it. And now it's gone.

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I'm never reading a spoiler here again

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Today I wanted to read Crayon Shin-chan, but it doesn't have furigana

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So I had a dream last night where I was checking Twitter, and saw whoo made a post saying that he officially closed the whoosrock project. I sorta jolted awake and checked, and it doesn't look like he's tweeted anything since January last year. No new music since Dec 2014 either I believe.

Guess that means he's gone, right? Ryuryu and monaca:factory still post on Twitter so I guess I could ask them what happened if I really wanted to, but I don't want to stick my nose into someone else's business.

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>No Empress news
Is it hopeless? Is it over? Will it never happen?

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I did believe, up until I dealt into that second haneman while waiting.

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>LSC for Shioi
>4 Hyuuga in a row
>Spam LSC out of annoyance of getting sheer junk
>Lost over 150k resources with nothing to show for it

I didn't want my resource stockpile anyway..

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I tried to form a study group, bunch of people said they were down to show up. The teacher emailed everyone about it, then only one person showed up. I want to practice with her, but she is pretty busy.

I'm not exactly having trouble, I just want to practice somewhere outside of my T/R class.

I'm in Japanese I too

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I figure this is probably the best place to go to ask this, any Japanese speakers here able to help me out with what the difference between using kono and kore is?

What makes "Kore wa pen desu." more acceptable than "Kono pen desu."? I know kono needs to be followed by a noun and requires that noun while kore doesn't require a noun to follow, but why is the prior more correct than the later when asked something like "Sore wa nan desu ka" about the pen, how do you know which to say?

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s-so what
her eye is big and stupid then...

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saddened knowing this will never be real

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why can't i be this little girl? i wish i had her happy and cute life

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I miss Ponpo

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>mangagamer gave up on the enhanced anime ver of ImoPara

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>tfw when there wont be a rune factory 5

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stop bullying me!

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Sometimes I feel scared, but then I do not feel scared because I realize that /jp/ is always with me.
Then I feel scared again because only /jp/ is with me.

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