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>the /jpol/ discussion was cleansed
Go back to count your masters' gold, jannie.

Thankfully, it'll live on in the archive.

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Great butts.

Best butt.

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Would you love her tenderly in 3d?

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Would you love her tenderly in 3D?

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Which Touhou do you think has the biggest kankles?

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This song was practically written for her. Unintentionally, of course.

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Ability to manipulate boundaries. That's about it.

From this though, people have interpolated all sorts of crazy shit that you might have heard about. No one knows the extent of her powers though, and some also think that she actually made Gensokyo, using her ability to make a border between it and our world.

Power is very subjective though.. so many characters are so goddamn strong that, saying a character is near-godlike is the standard rather than the exception. So yeah with liberal interpretation of her abilities ... like being able to flip the border between life and death, dream and reality etc make her fucking god-like. But then Suika is also god-like in being able to make black holes and dissipate into fog, Ex-Keine is godlike for being able to re-write history, Eirin, Mokou and Kaguya are godlike for being downright unkillable .. you get the point.

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I love mature women.

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You get sprung, wanna pull out your tough

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Not lingerie per se, but I'll post what I've got

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Sorry guys, can I ask you for help? I have something to translate and I'm not really sure if I'm correct.


it's meaning is more or less "If X thinks/understands he did something bad, then it is ok I guess/isn't it"?

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if you are into old ladies

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Considering in this thread alone, you have already done more Yuuka then I have of Yukari....yeah. Ironicy, to call back to the first few posts, Cirno is my biggest Touhou folder.

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Sluttiest touhou

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Sakuya is a small time. No ass, no tits, low iq.

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Aside from /jp/ stuff I'm also very big into politics and /x/. I recently when hunting for ghost towns to take pictures. So when people ask me about hobbies, I usually refer to photography.

One time though.. One of my co-workers and I went to California for training, I asked to stop at the Mac store to get my macbook's battery replaced. The shitslammer that was helping me out in the store decided to turn on my macbook while I was looking at iPhone accessories, needless to say him and my co-worker got an eye full of my desktop.

Pic related, I had the one of Sakuya as my wallpaper (by the artist who did this).

My co-worker doesn't treat me the same anymore.

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Komachi can make herself tight as she wants.

Also, mentioning Yukari's DAT ASS without posting this picture is a crime.

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