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I dreamed I was stuck in Gensokyo at night, being attacked by some youkai that would pop out of nowhere. They would kill me and then I would respawn moments later, only to be killed again by more youkai. This continued on for a while until Reimu appeared and decided to protect me, but at some point she said she needed to do something and flew off somewhere, leaving me to die multiple times again.
Thanks a lot Reimu.

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Get along you nerds.

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btw, i was kicked from an /ic/ discord.... again!

Im always argumentative. Really, i only came to the server to get specific critique on things. But when i post work, it would either be people saying its cool or just people saying work on fundies.
So i ask someone who said to work on fundies what specifically is wrong?
>the torso dont twist that way, the arms too short, legs too long
and i thanked him. and said thats more useful than telling me to "work on fundies"
>youll never improve if all you get is specific criticism. just draw a mannequin a bunch of times and dont draw anime girls at all
>look at me, i dont draw what i want. i need to draw X 100 times before i even try to attempt drawing what i like
so i told him thats gay. the best way to improve in art is mileage and self evaluation. And i said self evaluation is pointing out specifics, and that something like drawing boxes a 100 times is stupid, because why is the magic number 100? Why not 105? or 97?
So anyway, that went back and forth before he kicked me out of said server.

I dont know. I know you guys favor /ic/ side of the argument.
But. I just always believed the best way to improve through art is mileage and self evaluation. And the only way to have self evaluation is having specific critique on the things youre trying to achieve. Like with the torso thing, i now cant look at the torso of the devil girl or hips or horns of suika without cringing. And im going to try to never repeat specific mistakes again. And i hope i can point out more specific wrong things with all my pieces. I just think.... its a lot more useful to work on one piece for a 100 hours. Try to make it as perfectas possible and re-drawing it over and over. Than to just say
>fuck it. im bad and this is impossible
>*draws a 1000 manequins*

Anyway. I hope my mileage and self evaluation theory works in time lol. and that /jp/ can one day love my anime girls.

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I think the joke went over your head.

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It's actually so that Japanese lions don't wander into gardens.

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Would she be ok with a poor husband, becuase she has less money herself and is used to less?
Or wouuld she be an insane gold digger?

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Stop bumping your shitty threads.

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Suck my clit.

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>aya tanam buah, kalau saya tak makan dulu, takkan nak kasi orang lain makan dulu.

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>Tons of NEEBux but nowhere to spend them
You poor, poor guy.

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It's not much to spend.

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Reimu's expression when I confess my love to her.

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Are you seriously implying that Reimu is NOT a rocket?

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>You should be happy that mold is growing on your onahole.

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so a polite person cant get mad, pisst or hit a person.

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Do you think there are secondaries posting on /jp/?

The thought creeps me out.

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That's pretty cute...

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I really should consider going to bed.
I'm sorry I messed up your thread with my abysmal orthography.

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