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Good message anon but I was at the gym for hours yesterday. My body will break.

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Fight on anon, you'll get through. /07/ is always here for you, as long as you don't mind getting called every slur imaginable.

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You spoke and were immediately condemned my brother, it'll be funny if OP follows through

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I browsed /a/ when I was very young,and was desperate for anyone to discuss anime with. Watched Haruhi when it was at its peak and fell in love with otaku culture. I started browsing /jp/ sometime in highschool, but only participated in the 2hu threads, mostly lurked.

About 3 or so years ago, some tf2 spy youtuber who draws pron, made an announcement on their community tab that the first chapter of Higu was free on steam and everyone should read it.

Started it on a whim one summer morning and was instantly sucked in, was terrified and had never felt more immersed in a VN or horror story. I always noticed these threads on /jp/ but didn't want Higu spoiled so I avoided them, and swore I'd come back when I'd finished.

About a year or so from when I started, I finished Higu and fulfilled my promise. I make one or two posts in every thread, if there's something funny or worth talking about. I didn't think they'd be so unique but I've grown to love them. Its like our own personal circle of hell, just for us 07th fans. Its much better than trying to interact with obnoxious karma whoring redditards or narcissistic self-righteous twitterfags.

Read Umineko next after about a year, currently re-reading it now. Read Ciconia when it came out, and I'm slowly making my way through 07th's other works, along with all the extra content for Higurashi and Umineko.

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I participate in these threads regularly too, I find our intense breed of special autism pretty funny. I was just surprised and a bit irritated to open up JP and see four fucking 07th threads on the front page. Pretty funny, but we don't really need to piss off the other posters even more than we already do

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Hey anons.

I'm on the last chapter of the Higurashi visual novel. I've been playing the steam releases so far, but I've heard that some releases are censored and have story content removed. Is this true? Are the unmodified steam releases fine? I plan on sifting through the various anime and side content once I finish, but I didn't read through 50+ hours of story to miss out on some content.

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14 years ago a younger me stumbled upon Haruhi Suzumiya. Ever since then Otaku culutre has been a part of my life, and I don't regret a moment of it.

To answer your questions, I don't think a day would come when I miss the overambundance of school life and moeshit anime from the 2000s, but god I want to go back now. Every freaking fantasy anime that comes out nowadays feels so similar, with a few exceptions that have really bizarre concepts, or shit like that.

Anime and otaku culture are becoming a lot more mainstream, and its killing off the culture we used to have, and I cherished. I suppose its no different to back then, but people really seem to eat up whatever new popular show is coming out.

As a Haruhifag maybe I shouldn't be talking, but it really feels like the internet has lost some magic as time has gone on, and its not just us getting older.

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How far into otaku before that becomes true?
Asking for a friend.
I'm either in the progress or already past the point of no return.

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I think this and last thread will help to kick the habit of compulsively checking to see if the annoying spergs have finally left. I despise every regular, every post is the same post-ironic cringe shit, there is basically zero reason to use these threads. Not even fun is allowed

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I have not gotten a character from a daily roll in 2 weeks.

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Some Akyu gacha scrolls

It's even worse in the PS4 version where you get 10 scrolls that were required for melding in that version. It's mostly just a steady dungeon for you to power up your gear in and to test it out. There are even dungeons with way tougher enemies than this one too but I have not yet done all of those.

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LoT2 will never be finished. Highest floors never. Endless dungeon past floor 100 never, bug fixes never.

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Question about >>16860383. Maybe someone who played the game might know:

I have been trying to create the recipe that requires an Evil Grudge Gem and a White Fox Nine Tails weapon. The Fox Tail is supposed to have the following conditions: Cursed, -50 Enchanced Points and kill count 1000+. I have a tail that is cursed, is at -50 thanks to using the dacay traps in dungeons over and over again and has 1292 kills. For some reason, the game does not accept it for the recipe.

What does it not accept that weapon? It just says "You don't have the ingedients." I do have the Evil Grudge Gem so it can't be because of that.

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Get's the reward for most misleading title. Don't call it Soku 2 when all it does is replace some old characters.

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DoD will never be finished. Did they even make any progress at all?

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The end of the chapters about Remilia's pet does everything it can to make it sound like she will. Of course it's immediately forgotten by the next chapter. Can't have one event lead into the next. That might imply continuity and we can't have that.

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Just beat the first new boss. What a joke. It's weak as hell and just a recolour of a lvl 13 enemy. All it does is summon equally weak minions.

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A new day and still no code for the NoR expansion. I'm beginning to think that it was the biggest failure in Reitaisai history and didn't manage to sell a single copy. Someone has to have this shit by now.

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People always say Gelbooru is the worst when it comes to tagging but Pixiv is not winning any awards for good tags either. Having 3 different tags for Touhou Project + the character name is not good tagging.

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I never asked for this.

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Way too luck based. All your party besides the leader is determined by random drops. Don't get good monsters as drops and you'll have a hard time with anything. Game Over if party leader dies which is especially fun if later enemies can potentially do that in 1 round. Suwako is also simply the best party leader, with others being unable to really do anything great. No depth to most of the combat, especially against other player teams. Either you deal enough damage in the first turns or you die. Repeat for most fights with never any need for buffs or status. Only the final boss can mix that up somewhat. PVP means connecting to twitter and running into A.I. controlled teams of other players. A.I. is too dumb to do anything, even if the other guy has only endgame monsters like Neo-Demiurge. It's ridiculously short., even if you grind for some monsters. Getting extra items to strengthen monsters is almost impossible thanks to extremely low random drops. You'll play through the whole game without getting anything. Use up all the items you find and you're out of luck if you want more. How you'll have to place those items to get certain monsters in the first place is all up to trial and error. If you play this game after GoS or even Dod, you'll just wonder what they are doing. Why are they making this twitter shit now?

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