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slutty model route fucking doko

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>a real Risa route
It's a damn shame that 'bad girls' don't get routes more often. I don't care if MC tries to reform the girl or decides to join in on the debauchery, either one works.

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>no route where you embrace your own inherent shittiness and fall into depravity together with Risa
>you drop out of school together after getting caught bending her over the principal's desk in a legendary example of in flagrante delicto
>you become her producer and help her rise to model stardom while using every dirty trick in the book to disgrace her competition
>the tabloids catch wind of your filthy cocaine-fueled hatesex binges and try to smear you but her popularity is just too good it only makes her more famous
>the two of you OD together in a VIP hotel suite so ruined and covered in bodily fluids the staff simply chose to burn everything down instead of clean it; the place later becoming world-famous and subject to half a dozen schlockumentaries on your mesmerizing scumbaggery

Instead we get a quick hatefuck and kicked back to the menu. Fucking 10/10 wasted potential, will write a sternly worded letter to the writers.

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