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she also has cancer

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>>give me money

my sides. i laughed hard than i should have.

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I thought sweat was only salty.
Oh well, clean, fresh Reimupits are the way to go anyway.

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Hollywood is going to be making a 3d touhou movie and you are in charge of the castings. Who would you cast and why?

witch 2hus wuld u cast for a 3d movie?

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an adult reimu is fine too

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I would lick Reimu's sweaty armpits.

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Would Reimu perform sexual favors for donations? I think it's stated somewhere as a part of Hakurei tradition.</spoiler>

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Reimu's armpits are miracle of the universe.

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I would let her in, then break large vase over her head knocking her out. When she awakens she would be bound at the ankles and wrists by handcuffs to a stretcher. I would duct tape her mouth shut because she would probably start screaming as soon as she came to. I'd speak softly to her and try to calm her down, then gently put a blindfold over her eyes. Next, I would cut off her fuzzy holiday outfit with a pair of sharp scissors, starting with the top and finishing with her socks. At this point she would probably be getting nervous again; to prevent this give her a relaxing massage. Starting with her exposed armpits and moving my way down, working the oil into her skin. Right after I finished the feet I pull out a small but very sharp scalpel. Gently, lovingly almost, I would lower the steel blade into her exposed navel and make a clean incision upwards stopping at her sternum. Her breathing and heart rate would increase as the realization of what was going on sunk in. Wordlessly I would continue, cutting through muscle and bone until her insides glistened in front of me. Slowly and methodically I remove the internal organs one by one, in order of necessity to life. The stomach and intestines come out with a few easy strokes of the knife, and I watch her lungs twitch as she tries to sob through the gag. I'm an impatient man so I hold her heart in one hand and play with her hair with the other. Within seconds it's over, a look into those dead eyes confirms this. I would gather the mess up in the bloody sheets and put it in several garbage bags. Then toss it all into the nearest dumpster. For all she is to me is just pure trash. Nothing more, nothing less.

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sexy pic time?

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>How does it feel knowing mikos today are purely motivated by money /jp/?

It could be said of all religions.

Well, it's about 20 years i don't step foot in a church, but, here in Italy during Mass a fucking donation box guy pops out and starts going around searching for donations. (sometimes old and ugly nuns do that).
So i'd still prefer CUTE AND YOUNG part time workers in a nice dress to that shit (btw if here in italy the priests and nuns were all young mikos we would all get back to church asap)

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Been drinking a lot of Sencha lately. I can't seem to get it to that really green colour like in OP's pic. Here's how I'm doing it.

I'm using a half-litre Chinese tea pot. I use filtered/bottled water and let it come to a boil and let it cool for 3-4 minutes so it's not too hot. I don't stir it. I brew the loose leaves (Sencha mostly) for a minute and and take them out from the infuser (the pop-in kind, not the ball). Oh, and I'm using a heaping teaspoon of tea for each pot.

It comes out brownish. And I'm using decent Uji tea, too.

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>unsafe promiscuity

And this is where it gets hilarious. Gay people have not learned anything so far. And then we have gay pride parades and the "AIDS is not gay only disease!" bullshit, given how most of the poeple infected are homosexuals and/or people who do not how to read.

Promiscuity is alive and well with gay people. And trust me, it is not going to change because it is a perversion.

But here, have some Miko Miko armpits. They always cheer me up.

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Reimu is the hottest touhou.

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