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Obviously, ZUN didn't come up with Touhou Project on his own.

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I believe the Touhou games are an attempt by ZUN (maybe with some sort of influence from something or someone else) to try and restore faith in the supernatural, so that someday, Gensokyo's inhabitants can once again walk among us.

Of course, this is probably going to be a Lovecraftian scheme, with all us faggots believing that it'll be awesome for youkai to return to the world, only to be devoured by the millions.

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Her prophet ZUN

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Become ZUN

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>Who is the strongest, most OP 2hu?
Yukari 'the meta character' Yakumo, considering what ZUN says in her character profile in SCoOW.
>The weakest?
Danmaku fodder fairy #65535

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Them discussing an incident to make a game out of it.

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Probably Yukari. Being her friend sounds like an adventure.

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