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Don't stare.

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Kanako is cool.

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Woops I snaked.

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Holy crap? Some nigger actually saved that? Oh Jesus my chink friend drew that like ages again before he got gud and a tablet. My god.

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We require moar vesp.... I mean WORSHIPPERS

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Dude think about it- you make a joke that was meant to be an ironically parody of a hot-button issue, but came off as crude, tasteless, and off color. There's this sorta awkward silence, but you can't explain yourself because it'll sound like backpedaling and will convince no one. But no one else is saying anything either, and you can just feel them starting to mull things over, coming to the conclusion that you're an idiot that they don't want to be friends with. So what do you do? That's right, you summon SNAKES and then everyone is freaking out and leaping on tables and getting bit and they sure as heck aren't thinking about your terrible faux pas, and your social life is saved by ophidian intervention.

Plus, if you see someone who isn't all that freaked out and is sitting quietly, maybe smiling a bit, you can tell- that's a good person who knows their shit. They probably understood your joke too, if they're smart enough to know to stay cool under pressure and not antagonize snakes with needless fussing.

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Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.

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Hey /jp/ what does this mean?


Also Thouhou thread.

Which is your favorite?

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Snake Eyes

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Your suffering will be legendary, even in hell!

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>Only PC games I play are LoL and DotA2, and the occasional MMO
This is why I never posting my email in these kinds of threads.
It seems like those, Touhou and fighting games are all /jp/ plays.
I, on the other hand, spend most of my time emulating old stuff with maybe the odd DS or PSP game. So I'd have nothing to talk about with any of you.

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Cult Figurehead

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I do love me some snake eyes.

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That's just Kanako's tongue. I wish Kanako was my sister. We'd hang out and do snake things together.

My blood circulation is weak and so I need to warm and cool myself like a cold-blooded animal (though not to that extreme extent) so I think hanging out with Kanako would be pretty cool. I wonder if she has to lie in the sun. It'd be nice to lie next to her and just enjoy the warmth of the sun and the sounds of nature quietly.

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Snake Eyes are canon, POST SNAKE EYE'D KANAKO.

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I must find more CDs like this one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCFDOUh2shg&feature=player_embedded
Could you please lend me your help?

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Do you think /jp/ knew about the bio-weapons all along?

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Ey, yo, all you faggot haters resenting, listen up, the old guard representing, bringing rhymes, dropping line after line, bitch I'm divine, gaze upon my visage, I bet you feel your eyes fryin'.

Kanako is the name, so you know who to blame for the shame you try so hard to ignore, well I've got much more in store, Faith is power, I lead like Eisenhower, you're like a rotting old flower, trampled by a a holy shower, peace.

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Not really a fan of Kanako but I love the way she looks in this one.

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I usually don't care for Kanako but this picture somehow does it for me.

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