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Marisa is wonderful, why are you embarrassing her like that?

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Good question. Marisa is the best touhou.

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Lots of ties...

1 Marisa Kirisame
1 Patchouli Knowledge
1 Sakuya Izayoi
1 Alice Margatroid
1 Youmu Konpaku
1 Suika Ibuki
1 Fujiwara no Mokou
8 Reimu Hakurei
8 Cirno
8 Yuyuko Saigyouji
8 Yukari Yakumo
8 Shikieiki Yamaxanadu
8 Rin Kaenbyou (Orin)
14 Nitori Kawashiro
14 Nazrin
14 Kogasa Tatara
14 Minamitsu Murasa
18 Hong Meiling
18 Chen
18 Kanako Yasaka
18 Suwako Moriya
18 Satori Komeiji
23 Remilia Scarlet
23 Kaguya Hoiraisan
23 Kimo-Keine
23 Sanae Kochiya
27 Tewi Inaba
28 Ran Yakumo
28 Kisume
30 Flandre Scarlet
30 Yuugi Hoshiguma
32 Aya Shameimaru
33 Reisen Udongein Inaba
34 Keine Kamishirasawa
35 Rumia 35 Wriggle Nightbug 35 Eirin Yagokoro 35 Yuka Kazami 35 Byakuren Hijiri 40 Shanghai Doll 40 Komachi Onozuka 42 Parsee Mizuhashi 42 Shou Toramaru 44 Koishi Komeiji 45 Orin (Cat form) 46 Daiyousei 46 Koakuma 46 Letty Whiterock 46 Merlin Prismriver 46 Medicine Melancholy 46 Momiji Inubashiri 46 Edo Explosive Pawn 46 Zombie Fairy 54 Utsuho Reiuji (Okuu) 55 Lunasa Prismriver 55 Tenshi Hinanawi 57 Lily White 57 Iku Nagae 59 Lyrica Prismriver 59 Mystia Lorelei 59 Yamame Kurodani 59 Ichirin Kumoi 63 Shizuha Aki 63 Goliath Doll 63 Great Catfish 63 Lily Black 67 Minoriko Aki 67 Nue Houjuu 69 Hourai Doll 69 Hina Kagiyama 71 Unzan

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awwww yeeeeah.

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This my be the first year that I don't shit a fuck about being alone on Valentine's Day.

Right after we made plans for that day, my 3DPD wanted to start a pissing contest and she said we were breaking up. "okay.jpg" was my response. She then bitched about me not stopping her.

She's been texting and calling me since then that she regrets everything she said, and was wondering if I were in the same position.

Au contraire, my little 3D Piggy.
I happened to have a fucking amazing dream last night where I had sex with my most hated touhou, Kirisame Marisa. It was just so out of the blue that I fell in love with her, and now I'm all hers.

pic related. although she looks gorgeous here, she was shorter and stockier in my dream.

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You're probably fucking around but here you go, enjoy.

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Why is Magus' Night so awesome?

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>>5948851 see >>5948836

For most of us Touhou is really, really, really hard. I've been trying to beat Ran for more than a year now. I've come damn close but I still haven't done it. The people talking about cheating in this thread are hilarious though, the same kind you see on youtube. Are they trying to advance the plot? I don't think they understand the point of vidya gaems. Hard work and guts.

I'll probably give her a fresh take after some sleep/work tomorrow. I have up until Dai and Lily down pat, it's just the after part :\ .

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I love Marisa's spells so much.

They're so pretty. Stardust Reverie is one of my favorite cards to look at, I want to get good enough to see the upgraded version (is it Event Horizon?) in motion.

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Oort Cloud was pretty.

But I want to see her cards in a state where it wasn't meant to be balanced for StB-style games.

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I might be getting the chance to roll with some friends on E. Since this is my first roll since learning about Touhou, I wanted to know what Touhou related activities I should do at their house?

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Thanks for the advice.

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Thats what happens when you do THIS and fail.

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Hell yeah Marisa to be Caster

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Alternatively, if you want to be hip-and-cool, say Maiden's Ball ~ Magus.

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LMFAO I was just thinking that and then I read your post. Yeah, flyff comes to mind

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