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Not sure. But if you wake up to the sight of fishbones, beer cans and what looks like a used condom with snail eyes and your first thought is of Cirno, it can't be good.

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Exactly what it says it does.

No really, it is that simple.

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She is gensokyos true good girl after all

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I just downloaded my first Touhou game and I playd it for the first time.
I think I was pretty awesome for my second try!
In my first I died before I found out how to bomb

here is my replay:

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Keine would be the teacher.

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Keine blinks. "Oh? You saw that...?" She looks a bit embarassed, and puts a hand to her head. "Actually, it's mineral oil. I didn't want to embarass you. I only put in a small amount don't worry!" She quickly assures you. "Please, drink the medicine..."

[ ] Continue to be suspicious. "Show me the bottle, Keine."

[ ] "What does mineral oil do?"

[ ] Agreeably down the medicine, taking Keine's word for it.

[ ] Pretend to drink the medicine, but actually hold it inside your mouth until she leaves.

[ ] Continue to refuse. "I can't believe you!" Scramble out of the bed. Go out the window.

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