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Yea until the fight with a 1k strong fairy army comes for which you need about a 100 elite troops which require time to muster so I wanted to start earlier but ok.
However supplies remain a problem. I guess in order to prepare for a campaign I could buy a bakery and tell them to stock the produce so I could take it for myself but there's only so much space I have in my inventory even with upgrades so I'll have to put a lot of it in companions' inventories and then back into mine which leads to a lot of clicking which isn't very fun.
And if they think that it works fine in native then tell them I could roll over most of the battles with 60 swadian knights in native and I'm not sure if that will work with unit roster in this mod.
There's a reason modders either attempt to add a foraging skill or increase the unit count of individual pieces of food.

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It'll be an impressive match, that's for sure.

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>few of which I still have now
Do you mind uploading those somewhere?

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Autism was the lowest voted medal last time I remembered. As for billy, he has been on /f/ since 2017 summer, but he will be on this years poll. Same for yaju. As for the goalie stuff, sanae lost her job after an own goal against /s4s/ last spring

For the poll, I will put it in this thread if it stays liv, or in another one. Buying an ad is too costly

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Both, I suppose?
The "original" files for every game are included, by which I mean a disc rip to which the latest official update patch has been applied. So if you're looking to patch the games into other languages or apply tools that only work on the Japanese versions, you can.
Additionally for all of them up to 13.5, the English hardpatched versions are included as well, pre-patched and ready to play. If you're worried about bloat, keep in mind that the vast majority of the data is music, which is used in common between both versions, so the English versions only make up about 5% of the total size.

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I won't say "Stop eating, Yuyuko-sama". Because evidently ghosts NEVER get fat.

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Some stuff you need the manual/wiki of course, but some of the stuff you mentioned earlier is just plain obvious like auto collecting in IN or the using the bomb while having a border and grazing

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She is just fat.

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You were in and blew it!

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Youmu was going to pleasure herself with all those bananas. She's a growing girl, after all.

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In the beginning, Yuyuko only possessed the ability to manipulate departed souls. Unconsciously, that power grew stronger, that eventually she possessed the ability to invite others to death. Terrified by her own ability, she committed suicide.
From her PCB profile. Pretty much states that she got her ability when still alive.

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It's Touhou.

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I didn't order a pizza...
But that's okay, just leave it on the doorstep!

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I need the sprite sheet for this. Where'd you find it?

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The Atronach, my good sir. These are my papers? Ah, take them to the Captain for my release fee? I understand. You'll excuse me while I loot the place, of course. I'll be taking this bread, these eggs, and all the ingredients in the back rooms.

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