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It ain't easy bein' popular. She just has lots of clingy girls after her. Just like in School Days.

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>Too many humans; not even our 70,000 warriors could fight them. It sounds unbelievable only to those that have never faced a human army. Tell me, how many soldiers do you think they dropped? No, not 100,000. 200,000? No, guess again; we would have defeated them even if they had landed that many. Enough guessing, I'll tell you: they landed over six million soldiers that day.

>Each of our warriors were trained to face enemies in single combat, but not even the greatest Avatar of War can defend all sides at once. Humans don't understand the concept of honorable combat, seeing one-on-one battles between equals as foolish. Instead, they stuck at our supply lines, poisoned our food and drink, broadcast loud propaganda at night to disrupt our rest, let loose vermin that carried plagues their bodies could withstand and ours could not. And when all that was done, took potshots from afar with snipers and drones. Only when we were truly weakened did their assaults come.

>But in any case, set your sights on other things besides the humans. Wage other wars, for those...those we might win. But not humans. Anything, but those accursed humans.

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