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Who cares? Let us enjoy our ronery solidarity while it lasts.

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That's Christmas. But I'm cool with doing it on Valentine's too.

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For all practical purposes, everyone who posts in this thread is male and ronery. Please keep this thread off the front page by putting sage in the e-mail field.

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...seems like everyone is a in a bad mood from meta threads. I guess I'll just repost these pictures of ronery Christmas dinners.

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I put a lock on my closet and put all my figs in there so I can take girls home. It's kind of sad, but I feel sorry for the figs. Especially my Goodsmile Holiday Saber. And honestly, dating 3D women has really shown me how grateful I should be for 2D. I have to be dishonest dickhead to get girls to even look at me, and the whole game is pretty disenchanting. Part of me thinks it would have been better just stay inside my shell, dreaming the world was a nice place I'd have to explore someday.

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I had my first English class at university today. The teacher asked each of us to name a character we related to from a tv show, movie, or novel, which threw me into a fit of absolute terror. All I could think of were characters from animu or video games, until the last moment at which I blurted out, "I'm a combination of Comic Book Guy, Humbert Humbert, and Larry David; a biological weapon of mass social destruction."

The class thought I was hilarious. Too bad I wasn't joking.

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Who needs 3D women anyway? Let them stay ronery.

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so ronery

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Don't give up, so let it find you
Just hold on, wherever you may go
Anywhere, I'm right beside you
You don't have to look no more
You don't have to look no more

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/jp/ has been missing the nightly ronery thread lately. I'm here to correct that.


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I second this man. Ronery threads are for the ronery.

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Let us christen this grand new board with a ronery , hikki, etc. thread!

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