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Please try to contain yourself, neo-/jp/. This sort of thing has been on here for a while, right down to the joke meals.

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>tfw I load my external backup and the archives only go back as far as 2009
>tfw the backup is full of eroge and animations and I spent 15 minutes fapping
>tfw my old computer is in this image

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This is /jp/ quality!

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It was good when it was small and /jp/ related like OP's pic. Pic related

/a/ turned it into shit.

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Those are disgustingly bad, I was going to take a Christmas photo but I think I'll pass now.

Compare it with the 2008 one

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Never forget.

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I think he was some shitty poster from another board. It was infuriating to have that shit on here because they were mostly outlander scum.

>it literally screamed "lol i am such a nerd"
This, I don't see why you have to be a tryhard on 4chan of all places. I didn't mind it the first time though.

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pretend it says 2010

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>a gimmick for most people
Which is why the collage is 5000x5000 full, unlike some of its predecessors.
Even past Christmases were smaller than this one Valentine's day collage.

Get rid of the gimmicks, get rid of the jokes (or just most of the jokes if you must be so insufferable). This isn't supposed to be difficult, it isn't supposed to be work, it's supposed to be an event, despite its beginnings, where those that truly love their waifus can come together a few days of the year and 'show off' their love, as unneeded as such an show may be.

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Also have this one.

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Keeping the tradition alive.

Last year I celebrated Xmas with my waifu Sasami (see pic) . This year it’s with Miku (see above).

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It's that time again...

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Any moar?

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I guess I'll draw some fanart, as usual. Or procrastinate and do something for the New Year instead.

I hope you guys keep up this tradition, at least.

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Christmas on /jp/.

Do idiots know how to use search engines?

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The difference between these people and OP? The former has already found true happiness.

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Happy Birthday /jp/ ;_;

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