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deep breath

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you're food. nothing more

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and that's a good thing

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I love Flan and would never have an affair with someone like R*mi.

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Flan likes when I tease her about her foot smell embedding itself in the frail, pathetic lungs of mortals and causing shortness of breath! She lets me rub them too, but I alway need a mask first.

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Imagine her forcing your pathetic mortal lungs to breathe it

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Flan bites mortals so they are forced to rub and inhale the poisonous smell of her century unwashed feet forever. Girls are mean.

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Flan > Remi

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It's too late. Everytime there's a flan thread, it soon becomes infected with her foot odor. Now everyone will suffocate from her potent stink (except me since she bit me and I am immune). Still hurts to breathe it though.

play with her feets!

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I haven't had a pedicure since the middle ages.
>deep breath, m*rtal

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>deep breaths, m*rtal

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Flan's feet haven't been washed in so long, they're basically a smelly bioweapon by now. She doesn't want to wash them and any mortal that tries to wash them for her is intoxicated instantly and suffocates. Maybe it's just better to let her go barefoot everywhere so the smell isn't confined to one area (even if it pollutes the environment)

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wash her feet, m*rtal

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Flandre, you are best touhou. Your feet need to BREATHE

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You wash them, m*rtal

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This is my absolute favorite image of all time. ALL TIME!

These are the cutest feets ever drawn! Flandre’s feet are just so CUTE! I want to rub my face in them! I want to stare at them until she gets flustered and puts socks on in embarrassment! I want to smell them! I bet they smell like her foot odor mixed with a bit of her lotion! I love flan’s soft, pale, cute, smelly, blushing vampire feet!

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Wow that sounds terrible. Can’t be as bad as flandre’s though
>no foot wash since the middle ages and goes barefoot everywhere

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Step on me please

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