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Better step up your Japanese and read Trianthology, Iwaihime, the untranslated eps of Higurashi... and form your own opinion. If anything, EOPs lack the more broad knowledge of his other works. But most JOPs have only read higurashi and umikeno anyway.

Having this in mind:
Some people didn't like the end of Umineko. It has mostly to do with the unreliable narrator and how some readers felt being led by the nose because they couldn't think by themselves. The answer was there on their faces all the time. The novels/manga supposedly placate that by being more clear about the happenings.

Japanese people in general don't like being told about the faults of their society one bit. Child abuse, greed over family, nationalism, hikikomori, you being a dumb sheep, etc. are very delicate subjects to talk about there in Japan. r07 is quite blunt about them. People seeking pure escapism might feel uncomfortable there, instead of using the reading to further get their brains working.

Moebutas and Masada fanboys might have a problem with r07 narrative because it's the total opposite in character treatment and fight narration.

tldr: the 'hack' thing is a meme. On the contrary he's a solid writer with his own style and trying to tell interesting stories beyond pure entertainment.

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Reminder to brainlets.

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Ask and you shall receive

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