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We're finally free

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Don't worry, it's just a new schizo skit. We won't be seeing a new graduation anytime soon

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Don't worry 35ps, there's no way she's going to graduate

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Oops, used the wrong image

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I'm just happy all this /vt/ split stuff is behind us. It was getting scary, nearly being forced into the ghetto. Soon, the chinks will lose steam, Luna hime will be out of hospital, Shion will actually try to stream, and we will have many more wonderful memories with our oshis. The threads will be settled again, wihout weekly splits, falseflaggers and shitposters (especially that fucking Ameposter) will have moved on, and we will be back to relative normalcy.
Comfy arc is upon us, this time I know my feelings won't betray me.
did i do well, from memory that is how he posted

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Here's hoping to a united /hlg/
Homosharts, Indogs, even Gura or Ina (maybe).
The individual holo threads were made by only a handful of individuals; the consensus in /hlg/ was that they were unnecessary, and only existed to harm our home board.
May we coexist with 2hushitters (who definitely need to have 40 threads that get 7 - 50 replies) and have nice insulated threads, like the pre-EN-split days

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Whoops forgot my image

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Everything will be fine

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I can also feel it

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Wrong pic

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I honestly have to give props to /jp/ for how insulated this incident seems have been.

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You forgot this

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Today is going to be a great day for HoloEN, the first of many where there are no yabai moments

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Hololive has reached the lowest point in their history. It's statistically impossible for the situation to become worse, so there will only be better news from now. Let's await patiently the return of Haachama, Miko and Coco next month! .

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Mikochi is in Pekora's stream and gen 4 is collabing with gen 5. Bad days are over

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Today has been another great day for EN. Mori's new track was good, Chicken improved from her Pekora worship and 50% Jap translations, Amelia and Ina brought on the comfy, and soon Gura is bound to have fun commanding her googly-eyed army. EN has a bright future ahead of them, I can tell.

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Waking up and knowing Mio is coming back and everything will be fine from now on

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everything will be daijoubu

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