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>>my mom
>>was feeling really cocking

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They used to laugh at me as a young fox. I would sit alone, naked, and eat tofu all day long. They spat on me for eating a poorer food than ramen, yakitori or sake. But oh I loved them so. I loved the tofus.

They used to mock me. "Tofus are only fit to be fed to kappas and tengus," they would say. It was true, tofus were used as kappa feed. But oh I loved the tofus. Soft or firm, or mashed into fine tofu paste. Tofu as porridge, but also baked such as tofucakes, tofu cookies, and tofu bread. I loved fried tofus in cold cereal, in Cheerios and Lucky Charms. I loved tofus consumed raw or boiled into a warm thick tofugruel.

My love for tofu was the foundation for my Yukumo Border and Fried Tofu Company. You may have heard of it, we introduced the tofu box, making it possible to buy tofu in quantities other than bulk. I purchased and merged 7 major tofu millers to form the nexus of the soy empire I sit upon today.

They mocked me they did, but I had the last CHEEEN.

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>>Neat. Get good characters like RanSmirk next time, though.

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everyday i wish to wake up and see the smirk of my beloved

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>unlike women, men are capable of morality
Good one.

Don't think that you can judge humans just by knowing a few of them. Furthermore, don't think that men and woman are separate species... really, how stupid can you be?

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