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>200% man

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What if I have nanomachines, son?

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>TFW The War of the Elves
>Most of the World's countries have been decimated by the invading Knife Ears, the entire East Coast of the USA is conquered, pushing them towards the Rockies
>Finland and England still stand strong
>Japan is busy fucking the Elves
>The dawn of the Final Day
>July 4, 2019
>Somewhere in South Dakota
>A gathering of the last surviving Generals and soldiers of the once great country
>The higher ups are communicating their last plan
>"It's insanity!" one of them claims
>"The people need a symbol to rally behind, and Lady Liberty has fallen"
>"But, think of the reprecussions!"
>Four faces watch silently as the men begin their work on the last bastion of defense on the front
>The Elven forces approach in their Black Arks and War Dragons
>The Elves smugly declare the charge, only stopping when they feel the ground quaking
>Thud.... Thud.... Thud...
>Not a heartbeat, not a symbol of surrender
>The behemoth crests the hillsides
>A titan of rock and stone, carrying the faces of The Four, some of the greatest men of America's history
>Washington, Roosevelt, Jefferson, and Lincoln gaze out with stone faced ambivalence
>The War of the Knife Ears ends on this day
>Elf and human casualties in the thousands
>Mount Rushmore proceeds on its walk, rallying all Americans in its shadow
>A silent guardian
>A watchful protector
>A symbol of AMERICA
>Somewhere, a Bald Eagle cries

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But what if Anon reaches 1600% anger?

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