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This one:

Bully it all you want, but I thought it was cute!

Ah, I never played that! Though I haven't been a regular in TF2 since like 2012.

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luckily been saving stuff for years but never organized all of it and just dumped most of it to folders, now i have around 1tb sized mess to organize plus stuff that i managed to save before shut down. still good amount of it touhou stuff.

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You guys are dicks

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>Bought the english release of the Wadanohara manga
>It's titled Wadanohara: The Complete Collection
>It's actually only half the story and ends on a cliffhanger
what the fuck, why didn't they call it part 1 or something?

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I smell /v/ermin.

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9/10 waiting for game!

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> Too many Touhou threads

Dafuq is wrong with you, People?

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Hey /jp/ I have a question:

If ZUN mentions in his "Terms of Use of the Touhou Project" that "Using game data other than screenshots is forbidden", then how do doujins get to use some sound effects from Touhou in their works? Most notable the death SFX (pichuun~) or the Master Spark SFX.

Also, is there any leniency in rules for non-profit groups like modders?


Link included for convenience,

General discussion of Touhou copyright rules thread while we are still at it.

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